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Top 10 Marijuana Strains of 2013

As a marijuana enthusiast, I make an effort to try as many different strains as possible.

Much like my ‘Top 10 Best Stoner Movies‘ list, every year I make a point to come with a list of my favorite strains of marijuana. As with anything worth doing, the development of this list didn’t come without perilous trials and tribulations. I struggled… I labored… All in all I put myself through one of the hardest tests any human can put themselves through – getting high… often! I do all of this for you guys, and I wouldn’t change a thing (trust me – I really wouldn’t).

Not all of these strains were developed in the year 2013 – these are just the ones who have been treating me the best since the dawn of the new year. Additionally, this list is subject to change (slightly), being that I developed approximately half way through the year. I have to say, though – this is probably my favorite lineup of marijuana strains yet. I foresee no changes!

Without further adieu, I present to you my official list of the top 10 marijuana strains of 2013.

10. Chem Tange

Chem Tange MarijuanaKicking things off we have 60/40 sativa-dominant hybrid. This strain emits the most pungent tangerine smell I’ve experienced since smelling… a bunch of tangerines!

It tests at abut 24% in regards to active cannabinoid content, which means it’s in the upper end of the potency spectrum. The effects are nearly psychoactive for some, so keep that in mind when giving this one a try. If that’s what you’re looking for, have as much as you want. That being said, a nice, easy, small amount is perfect for the occasional headaches I get after a long day.

The way I use it this is a very deliberate strain – it has a clear purpose (two purposes, actually – being that it can be used as both a psychoactive agent and an effective cerebral medicine), though I wouldn’t use it as often I would the strains higher on the list.


9. NYC Diesel

NYC DieselLoved by many growers for its incredible yield, impressive potential size, this sativa dominant hybrid has leaves like arms rather than fingers. It’s of Sour Diesel, Afghani, and Hawaiian origins, and its pleasantly unique properties have placed highly in the Cannabis Cup three times!

The smell is comparable in nature to its diesel roots, though it varies between very sweet and very sour due to the diversity within the strain. The taste is unlike any other strain I’ve ever tried. It has hints of lemon, slightly synthetic pine, and of course the diesel from which it is partially derived.

While it’s not incredibly potent, it definitely claims a very specific high. It strikes me as a very cerebral, uniquely creative and inspiring effect. It’s stimulating and somewhat energizing, and because of that I wouldn’t use it late in the evening or at night, but as a mid-day toke this is perfect.


8. Killa Crip Kush

Killa Crip Kush MarijuanaThe name is silly to me, but this is a beautiful looking bud and its effects are undeniably striking.

This 80/20 indica-dominant hybrid tastes like a combination of a fruity, juicy chewing gum and an early diesel strain. The smell is nearly overwhelming. It’s quite literally skunk-like in that it seems to seep into and emanate from every inch of the area it’s exposed to – it’s poignant to the point that I imagine the airplane flying 20,000 feet above me steals a whiff or two while passing by.

In alignment with the nature of its smell, this strain is very potent in effect. Prepare yourself to be sitting for a few hours after consuming with the essentials – food, water, and a good movie (click here for a list of the top 10 stoner movies).


7. Kandy Skunk

Kandy Skunk MarijuanaA sativa-dominant hybrid, Kandy Skunk is a mix of Kandy Kush and Skunk #1.

I find myself both relaxed and energized after a good toke of Kandy Skunk. I’ve never consumed it in edible form because of its very high potency. It could potentially be easy to overdo this one, though (luckily) the effects are very quick to hit you.

The initial ingestion is a little harsh, which is a slight setback for me (call me a softie – I won’t deny it!), but aside from that the taste is sweet and fruity. Kandy Skunk is undoubtedly worthy of its position on the list, and if it weren’t for the very formidable competition it certainly would be placed higher!


6. Durban Poison

Durban Poison MarijuanaNamed after the city of Durban in South Africa, in which this strain both originates and is produced in tremendous quantity, this very intense and pure sativa is like no other.

It both tastes and smells like an assortment of candy berries and licorice, and the ingestion is very smooth.

The effects take 3 or 4 minutes to kick in, but once they hit you prepare to be sent to the sky with an indomitable urge to smile. A very uplifting high, almost to the point of mild euphoria. I felt energetic and creative for around three hours after the initial consumption. I felt more appreciative of music, sound, and even life in general, all the while being completely energized and motivated to create or go outside – to do something… anything!

Occasionally I’ll get mild dry-mouth, and (take this for what it’s worth) it made me slightly paranoid once. A definite day-time high, this strain placed 2nd in the High Times Cannabis Cup’s Medical Sativa category for a reason.

5. OG Kush

OG Kush MarijuanaI believe this is the only purely indica strain on my list, and trust me when I say that this one very much smokes like an
It smells like a flower, so much so that it will completely exhaust the smelling sensors in your nose. In terms to smell,
it’s extraordinarily pungent and even more unique. Strangely enough, the taste isn’t nearly as strong. It’s smooth, easy, and almost like a thick cream.

If you’re looking for something that will knock you out, this is it. This strain will have you absolutely annihilated in
the best way possible. The THC crystals on this bud are gigantic (evidenced by its effects) and in terms of potency this
definitely a 10/10. If you don’t want to be immobile for a few hours, I recommend you smoke a much lesser amount than you normally would.

4. Sour OG Kush

Sour OG KushWith a nice lingering sweet, fruity, and even tangy taste, this Sativa-dominant hybrid is like the perfect marriage of Sour Deisel and OG Kush.

In all of its glory, the smell is hard to describe in great detail. It’s fruity, but less like a fruity perfume or store-bought fragrance and more like a natural buffet of mangos, bananas, and kiwis.

This one is extremely potent. One hit is all you need – trust me. It settles immediately and lasts for anywhere between three to five hours. You feel this one throughout your entire body, so make sure that’s what you’re looking for when you try Sour OG Kush.

For all of the reasons stated above, this is my #4 favorite marijuana strain. For some, the elements that I listed as benefits may be setbacks, and may therefor score lower. But trust me, if you’re looking for a strong, full-body, lasting high, this is the strain for you.


3. Platinum Bubba Kush

Platinum Bubba KushHere we are in the Top 3… this is where selecting my favorites gets tough. Platinum Bubba Kush is firmly planted at #3, being a mix of Platinum OG and Bubba Kush – two strains that I thoroughly enjoy!

It’s an Indica-dominant hybrid with a strong high, though it takes a few minutes to fully settle in (keep this in mind – don’t smoke more than you mean to!).¬†

This one scores especially highly on my list simply because of the taste. I can’t overstate how smooth and sweet this tastes. In terms of taste, this is very likely my absolute favorite.

Though the potency is high and the effects of the high are strong, the overall feeling is clear-headed. I find myself somewhat energized and notably focused after consumption. If you haven’t tried it – do. This strain is very likely to be in your top 10 as well.

2. Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express MarijuanaThis strain is – as a result of its new-found popularity (due to this movie) – a bit of an anomaly.

Once upon a time it was very rare – unattainable by most. It’s now loved by growers because of its simplicity, high yield, and early flowering time. This esteem among both producers and consumers hasn’t come without consequence, however…

It’s genes have been distorted, imposters have arisen, and what many consider to be the ‘true’ Pineapple Express strain very well may be different from the original. In spite of all of this, I’ve never tried Pineapple Express that I didn’t like. I’ve had it as both a pure sativa and as a hybrid. I’ve had it where its effects are purely sativa and where they’re largely indica. No matter what, I always find this strain at or near the top of my list.

There are consistencies in the taste and smell of all variations – sweet, often lemony, fairly mild, and very smooth. Past that there are many disparities.

My outlook is always made brighter – I’m not sure if it whether it’s because I like the cerebral, motivating buzz of a sativa, the chill-out-and-think effects of an indica high, or the idea of a mysterious strain which will surprise you no matter what your expectations are. Whatever it is, the effects are good – trust me.


1. Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies MarijuanaDespite the utterly ridiculous name, this strain is the most unique of any I’ve ever tried. The proprietors of it have kept the lineage strangely mysterious, though it is a generally accepted fact that it is a descendant of Durban Poison. So sought after that it has spawned numerous imitation strains and knock-offs. Take this in mind when trying this strain – if it’s anything like something you’ve already experienced, there’s a chance it’s a knock-off.

It smells like a strange and strong (but pleasant) combination of wood varnish, lemons, mint, and pastries. The taste – in alignment with its exotic and counter-intuitive nature Girl Scout Cookies Marijuana- is fairly different from the smell, though strangely similar. It’s like a layered milky amalgam of chocolate, cherries, and the lemon and mint present in the smell.

Mainly a sativa (approximately 90% by most estimates), THC tests typically put it at over 20% to CBD. The high is energizing, bewildering, and all the while clarifying. It’s a body and head-high, and though its effects typically don’t last longer than two hours, the two hours you spend with this strain in your system will be memorable.

‘Girl Scout Cookies’ (despite the silly moniker) get my full recommendation. I highly suggest that you give it a try.



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